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About Redkite Environmental

Redkite Environmental was set up in 2014 by Siobhan Maher after 16 years of providing professional environmental consultancy services with high profile consultancies in Ireland.

The name RedKite Environmental was chosen as it symbolises the type of company we are and want to continue to be. The RedKite was re-introduced in the locality of our head office in County Wicklow in 2007 as part of a national programme to bring this bird of prey back home to Ireland. The programme has by all accounts been successful due to the creative thinking of those involved and also the support of local businesses and community stakeholders. An example of sustainability in practice. Through creative thinking, businesses, community and the environment are not mutually exclusive and can compliment each other and lead to success.

Before setting up Redkite Environmental Siobhan was a Technical Director leading project teams on a wide variety of projects for the transport, industrial, extractive, marine and commercial sectors. Siobhan has always been at the forefront of new thinking in the provision of environmental solutions and decided she could greatly enhance the experience of client companies by providing a direct service built on her indepth knowledge of environmental issues and years of experience in understanding the commercial needs of organisations. It is this opportunity to positively impact the competiveness of business and also create a wealthier and more sustainable society that was the driving force to founding Redkite Environmental.



Managing Director: Siobhan Maher

Director & Company Secretary: Paul Whelan

Synopsis: Siobhán Maher