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Environmental noise measurement and prediction modelling can be a complex and challenging discipline due to the technical nature of the subject matter and not least, the range of potential individual responses to noise that can occur. Redkite personnel have experience in this area since 1996 and membership of the Institute of Acoustics since 2001 thus providing a high degree of confidence that assessments undertaken will be robust and accurate.

As with all projects, we work with our partners where necessary to provide the best possible team and outcome for any individual project:

Services provided include:

  • Environmental noise measurement and prediction modelling;
  • Monitoring and assessment in accordance with NG4 requirements;
  • Complex FFT measurement and tonal noise assessment in accordance with the requirements of Annex C of ISO 1996 – 2:2007;
  • Design of noise monitoring programmes;
  • Advice on community relations;
  • Development of abatement solutions;
  • Occupational noise monitoring;
  • Assessment of effectiveness of workplace hearing protection;
  • Building acoustics;
  • Specialist input into appropriate assessment on acoustic issues.