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Siobhan provides a comprehensive service to Danone in relation to our environmental noise requirements. Following a recent major plant expansion, she accurately identified and fingerprinted noise sources, their level of impact and, most importantly, assisted in identifying the improvement measures required and the likely effect those measures would have. This assisted Danone in implementing a successful major noise reduction programme on site. I would have no hesitation in stating that the service she provides means that we can confidently make decisions in relation to investment in noise reduction programmes and effectively target our resources for maximum impact. All our stakeholders are satisfied.

Michael, Herlihy, EHS Manager, Danone Babyfood, Macroom



Siobhan provides invaluable expertise to GBI in a number of areas including environmental compliance, impact assessment and feasibility studies. Last year, she was instrumental in ensuring we got the necessary consents for a proposed new extension to our biodiesel manufacturing plant. Uncertainties arose during the latter part of the planning process with the entry of a new public stakeholder to the process. It is fair to say that the likely requirements could not have been foreseen however Siobhan and the rest of the team appointed by GBI listened to concerns and set out a solution that was agreeable to everyone. Most importantly our programme timeline was achieved despite unforeseen circumstances.

Tony Hennebry, Operations & Finance Director, Green Biofuels, Ireland



Siobhan has provided a forensic approach in assisting Nypro with our environmental and occupational noise assessment and management. She has provided precise and accurate assessments pinpointing the exact impact level of sources, how to deal with them effectively and what outcome can be expected. Based on the reports provided we can confidently decide what measures, if any, we need to take.

Cecil Black, EHS Manager Europe, Nypro Healthcare